Dennis Alp Data Scientist


Dennis Alp

I am a data scientist at Handelsbanken responsible for leading the development of a data-driven marketing engine. I hold a PhD in astrophysics and a degree in engineering physics from KTH.

Data Science

Used Python daily as my primary language since 2015 and extensive experience with all other common data science tools.


Over 10 years of CLI experience in UNIX environments. Currently learning Azure, focusing on AI and machine learning use cases.

Python Packages

Expert in numerous data science Python packages covering data preparation, ETL, visualization, analysis, AI, and ML.


An X-Ray View of Core-Collapse Supernovae

I have studied exploding stars using X-rays, basically a scaled-up version of your typical dental X-ray. You can read more about this in my PhD thesis: An X-Ray View of Core-Collapse Supernovae.